*Wu Xing Rush* is about the adventure of *Chen the Chinese Alchemist*, a Taoist, and the master of Wu Xing (Five Elements).

Key Settings
- I, O, P, K, L: each key is for an ingredient. press it and it will be added to the formular.
- SPACE: combine the added ingredients for a potion. Note that if the formular is wrong, the ingredients will be wasted anyway.
- M: Clear the added ingredients to make your formular start over.
- ESC: Call out the menu, where you can review the formulars.

In the game, you have to control *Chen* to make the right potion at the right time, and with right ingredients.
The ingredients consist of five elements. Different combinitions lead to different outcome (potion), and **sequence doesn't matter**:

- 金 Gold 
- 木 Wood 
- 水 Water 
- 火 Fire 
- 土 Earth

And there are 3 types of enemy/obstacles as *Chen* rush forward, which are:

- Zombie  
- Evil Wood  
- Cursed Gravestone 

Make the right potion and toss it on them will effectively eliminate them. Or you can cast a shield (with potion as well) to protected your self.

There are also different types of terrain, which can be overcome by certain methods:

- Water-proof potion: protect you from drowning

- Tree bridge: build a stair to reach a higher ground 

A particular obstacle will definitely kill player instantly: THE SPIKE. The only way to deal with it is to build a tree bridge. The timing is essential.   ← THIS ONE!!!

And here comes the formular sheet, for your convience:

Features Not Completed Yet

- Sound effects
- Scrolling background
- A proper tutorial. Sorry.
- Enemy attacks with flying bullet-thing
- A restore potion, which is not in the formular sheet, but you may find it in the game.
- Another level
- Elimination of enemy and obstacles returns ingredients


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